Le Belles De Ricci Eau De Toilette perfume bottle

Discontinued & Rare Perfume: Les Belles De Ricci Amour D'Amandier Eau De Toilette by Nina Ricci Nina



Les Belles De Ricci Amour D'Amandier is a discontinued perfume that was released in 1999 by Nina Ricci. According to Fragrantica.com, the notes for this perfume contain: almond, kiwi, almond blossom, marzipan, heliotrope, vanilla, sandalwood, and white musk. The bottle is elegantly designed with a metallic green princess crown as the cap and a matte blue glass bottle. 

At the initial spray, the almond notes presents itself prominently with a mixture of powdery notes. It's a note that I've never smelled before so I was pleasantly surprised. After a few minutes I also started smelling a bit of the kiwi notes. A perfume like this would be something to wear if you're into floral fruity scents. Even though this perfume has been discontinued, we do have this limited item in stock on our website: Nina Ricci Les Belles De Ricci Amour D'Amandier.

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